EDUCATing the next generation

Gulzada Ali

Masters of Education
AKU Institute for Educational Development,

“My education has strongly contributed to my professional development and confidence as an educator. Through the Masters of Education programme at the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED), I have learned a lot about educational theories and practices, curriculum development as well as professional assessments. Now regarded as an educated woman, I have been extended opportunities that I otherwise would not have had. For example, I received an opportunity to work in a competitive institution that is contributing to my intellectual growth as well as improving my economic status. I now feel like a valued and dignified member of my society, someone intellectually capable and financially secure and independent.”


“I had to take a loan to further my education as I wanted to undertake M.Ed. studies at Aga Khan University. The loan from the university was a lot of money particularly for my family, and it created a lot of stress and tension at home, as well as fear of how we were going to repay it. This scholarship provided hope and encouragement to my family. It also provided a sense of ease and comfort by halving the loan amount I owed. This allowed me to continue my studies by decreasing the burden on me and my family, and I am thankful and grateful that I managed to successfully complete my studies.”


“My educational development has significantly contributed towards improving the quality of life of my family. I am now a role model at home, someone who is applying the ethics of honesty, humility and generosity in their daily life as well as the pursuit of knowledge to live a balanced and sustainable life. I am most proud of having the opportunity to pursue a route of quality education to help uplift my family.

In my community in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, I am embraced as a “change agent” and role model. I am one of the first women from my community to receive a well-respected higher education and I have laid down a milestone for other girls and women in our society. I have demonstrated that the pursuit of higher education, particularly for girls and women, is possible. I’ve helped motivate the leadership in my community as well as parents to encourage their girls, even if they are poor, to strive for more and pursue education and learning opportunities. Now, more than 30 girls from my small village are studying in different universities and pursuing careers to better serve their communities. I am confident that collectively, our education will make a significant impact on generations to come.”